Born in 1983 in Kanagawa. From an early age, inspired by traditional chants of her grandparents develops her passion for music of the traditional Noh theater.
In 2008, after defending her doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Literature at Waseda University leaves for an annual scholarship to the Sorbonne in Paris. After the wedding she starts her Warsaw life and works as a lecturer of Japanese language and culture at the University of Warsaw. Along with her husband runs a foundation of Noh theater - Ryokurankai. Several times a year they organize workshops of Noh songs and dance with Noh master Akira Matsui from Kita school. In collaboration with Japanese Embassy in Warsaw, they also run monthly "Meetings with Noh".

Selected performances:
2009.10.17 "Japanese October" Wilanow Palace
2009.11.05 "IIIrd Japanese Days" University of Warsaw
2010.07.15 "Meetings with Noh" Information and Culture Center, Japanese Embassy, Warsaw
2010.08.01 "IXth Japanese Culture Festival" Krasiczyn
In addition to dancing and singing, she also learns the traditional bamboo flute Nohkan, whose music often accompanies Noh performances.