"Dance tells us what is Life - we are the Life itself. Dancing is always present here, there, everywhere. I want to become a dance - in one moment countless resonances echo and shine together in space - they become a dance here and now, a dance of beings encountering each other in harmony."
During studies he was mostly preoccupied with theater and visual arts, until he began to dance. Inspired by dancers, such as Kazuo Ohno (butoh), Min Tanaka (butoh), Simone Forti (postmodern dance), Megumi Nakamura (classical ballet / modern dance), Masami Yurabe (butoh), as well as many other artists from different fields: theater, visual arts, literature, philosophy, science, etc, he continues and develops his research on dance and the body, human existence as a whole.
Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1976, he studied at Kyoto University, Faculty of Agriculture, where he graduated with a work "Shizen (Nature) Sphere" dedicated to reinterpretation of the concept of Shizen (Nature) from wholistic point of view.