Ifi Ude (Diana Ifeoma Ude) was born in 1986 in Enugu in Nigeria in the Ibo tribe. At the age of 3 she came to Poland (her mother’s homeland) and it changed her life forever.

The rest of her childhood she spent in Opole when she attended music school, danced, played in amateur theatre and trained athletics, however her most evident talent was great singing voice.

She sang in many bands in Opole such as Funkcjonalni or Funkygor, Cracow (City) and Warsaw (Szekspir, Hormonogram). Since 2005 she lives in Warsaw. She graduated from the University of Warsaw in Cultural studies and dropped out of psychology to have more time for music. Currently, she is a vocalist of Long Long and works on a solo project. She sings, composes and writes lyrics. Ifi likes her boyfriend, pumpkin lamps and home chill out. She hates rudeness and darkness. She is a vegetarian.