He was born in Portugal and finished the gastronomic school in Lisbon – this is how his culinary journey began. After he finished his education, at the age of 18, he started working in his own restaurant in Portugal – as a head chef. This helped him understand that cooking is his passion. Two years later he started travelling to greatest European cities to gather more culinary experiences.
His international career (thanks to his original dishes) has been going on for several years now. He started his journey in England where he owned a Greek-cuisine restaurant for two years. Later he tried Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Monaco and again England – then Poland. For the first two years here he worked for restaurants Sekret and Casa Valdemar.

José is always inspired by the traditional regional cuisine he meets – fresh vegetables, combinations of dishes, wines, methods of work, people he meets – it all caused that the restaurant Portucale (he is the co-owner) serves dishes which are the result of 23 years of culinary experience.