A group of Tibetans living in Poland and willing to cultivate their traditions in exile established a group of an intriguing name 'Śnieżne Lwy' (Snow Lions) in 1999. Two snow lions of turquoise manes of fearlessness are included in the emblem of Tibet and symbolise the victorious unity as well as the balance of spiritual and secular life.

The members of the group perform traditional Tibetan music playing popular Tibetan instruments called dam nyen, being dressed in original outfits.

The group consists of representatives of various professions – not necessarily related to music – doctors, university employees, students. Among the events they performed at were Tibetan Days in Museum of Płock, concert 'Otwórz serce dla Tybetu' (Open Your Heart for Tibet) in Roma Theatre in Warsaw and during Przegląd Filmów Górskich w Lądku Zdroju (Mountain Film Festival in Lądek Zdrój) they performed along with stars like Urszula Dudziak, Jacek Kleyff, Dorota Miśkiewicz.