He comes from Germany where he established his own dance school. It was in 1999 in Paris when he started studying dance under the direction of many Parisian instructors. He has teached casino, rueda de casino and Los Angeles style slasa since 2000. He is also found a perfect dancer at mambo on2 style. Salsa is his great passion and now he teaches in Salsa Libre school.

His dance school, named Salsamente Dance School, was established in 2003 in Mainz close to Frankfurt.

Arny is a dancer of his own unique style, based on Cross Body Lead Style and also involving elements of styles like Los Angeles and Cuban casino salsa as well as Argentinian tango and Brasilian gafiera (samba danced in pairs).

Contact details:
tel. +48 516 662 134
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Salsa Libre
38 Solec St
00-394 Warsaw