A drummer, master of the art of playing on dundun and djembe drums. He discovered the beauty of music thanks to his grandmother, Cisse Diabate, who sang in a folk group. He started playing the drums at the age of 11, in the ballet group Saamata de Guinee. Next he joined the ballet Sourakhata to study the game from the Guinean masters. Together with one of them, Mouctarem Toure, he created an independent band Tourekounda.
He has collaborated with numerous ballets with which he also traveled around the country. From the student he turned into a music teacher and director of ballet Sourakhata. Before he came to Poland he had already raised another generation of young Guinean drummers. He came to Poland being invited by Kuba Pogorzelski to play together and teach traditions of Guinean music in the Warsaw-based drum school Strefa Rytmu.