Coming form Angola though in love with Brazil and first of all a citizen of the world. She has been living and studying in Poland for 10 years. She was the general secretary of Students from Angola Association in 2006 and she has been cooperated with Angolan Embassy in Poland since then. She is also a dancer and choreographer of Dança Brasil revue. She has been active in Dança Brasil, a Brazilian revue established by Joanna Marków, since 2006. She started as a dancer and now she is a choreographer and vice-leader. She connects Brazilian samba with Afro-Brazilian and traditional African dances such as Angolan and Congolese ones.

She has also been a member-founder of FCCAB Afro-Brazilian Cultural Centre Foundation (Fundacja Centrum Kultury Afro-Brazylijskiej) since 2008 taking parts in works on such events as Samba Festival (2008 and 2009 editions), Afro&Brazilian Drums Festival (2008 and 2009 editions).