International Capoeira Raiz Group was founded in 2007 by Mestre Bailarino who comes from Rio de Janeiro. The group has its branches in Warsaw and Pruszków, among other locations in Poland. The group provides regular workshops and organise special events like Batizado International Capoeira Raiz festival.
The group belongs to Capoeira Bem Viver Association established in 2007 by Mestre Bailarino and is active in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The Warsaw group is managed by Dominika Rembelska (Estagiaria Alegria). She is known in European world of capoeira not only for the work of as a trainer but also for the social projects that she organised.

Mestre Bailarino
He was born 25th July 1969 in Sao Concalo, Rio de Janeiro. He began training capoeira with Jorge Azevado Pinheiro. In 1980 he has joined the Pequenos Mestres de Capoeira Association (Mestre Travassos). In 1992 he officially became Mestre.
He joined Muzenza de Capoeira Group in 1993 and was taught by Mestre Alexandre Batata. He arrived to Portugal in June 1999 and began his work with capoeira in Sensibal and later in other cities of Portugal (Lisbon - Almada, Quinta do Conde, Seixal, Parede, Viana do Alentejo, Evora - Algarve).
He left Portugal in 1995 and visited England, Spain and Germany where he's been staying since then. In that time Mestre Bailarino left the Muzenza Group and founded Grupo International Capoeira Raiz.
Mestre Bailarino lives in Germany, in Berlin, where he teaches capoeira and runs the International Capoeira Raiz group.

Contact details:
tel. +48 502 227 384
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.