He was born in 1974 in Pristina (Serbia), now lives and works in Warsaw. He has graduated from the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy in painting. The instinct of the painter, his sensitiveness throbbing with the city element, boyish curiosity, wary, detailed observation – they are important characteristics of his art. He paints destroyed, used objects, inert street dirt lifted by a wind blast, nooks in flats, traces of events. Choosing some fragments, he crops the scope of the picture, looking into the depth, the inside, as if he looked into the dream. Silently, calmly, with some nostalgia.

Nikić hunts for the littlest signs of human activities which in their laconicness seem to be very credible. He execute the process of analysis asking about smallest details – why?

The traces lead to unexpected discoveries which are documented in his paintings. They create a coherent story about hyper-realistic world of omitted fragments of the reality. He often wanders in the past while tracing and hunting and because of documenting the lapse of time – his paintings could seem to narrate about calm and logic, existential process of getting old and destruction.

He uses painting, photography and video in his works as well as creates objects and installations. He is active in various fields of art and culture: he co-creates szu-szu flying gallery, he was one of the organizers of New Poland 70s and 80s project (Nowa Polska 70'-80') in Lille (France, 2004), he was the editor-in-chef of Lifestyle magazine in 2004-06. He was also an artist in residence hosted by Progr Centre for Art Production in Berne (Switzerland) in 2006. He was awarded with the Szczecin City President's Award at the 2nd 'Przeciąg' Festival of Youth Art (II Festiwal Sztuki Młodych 'Przeciąg') in 2009.

Contact details:
+48 602 619 218
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