Karimski Club is an international collective of musicians - DJs and VJs. Karimski Club concerts are multi-cultural journeys consisting of an explosive mixture of rhythms, musical styles and different music worlds. In the mixture, drum and bass trans converges into soulful r’n’b rhythms and is then reborn in the form of nujazz house with african jungle beats and Slavic influences. Karimski Club is also a compilation of smooth French or Portuguese rap with Russian influences and a Cuban temperament. Finally, it is a marriage of strong American hip hop with jazz whose never ending improvisational power allows these distant worlds to harmoniously fuse together.

Live act with Karimski Club is an incredible dose of positive energy whose source is true friendship and not bound by language, religious or ethnic differences. Even though it may seem trite, a Karimski Club event proves without a doubt that music really does go beyond all boundaries.

The creator and founder of Karimski Club is Karimski (Karim Martusewicz), a graduate of the renowned European jazz school – Universitaet fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst in Graz, Austria and in Poland known as bass player for the legendary group Voo Voo. He is also a composer who works with artists such as Fisz, Zakopower, Justyna Steczkowska, Maria Peszek, Nick Cave and Delmar Brown’s World Pop Experience.
For the last several years he has taught at the Cracow School of Jazz and Popular Music and has also worked with Webster University in St. Louis.

Among the musicians who colaborated with Karimski Club most often are:
-Luis Ribeiro /Brazil (percussion, vocals)
-Eldis la Rosa /Cuba (saxophone, percussion, vocals)
-Harry Tanschek /Austria (drums)
-Lukas Knoefler /Austria (drums)
-Burza /Poland (guitar)
-Valdi Szoff /Poland (guitar)
-Falko /Poland (keys)
-Marcin Riege /Poland (keys)
-Martin Woess /Austria (keys)
-Horst-Michael Schaffer /Austria (trumpet)
-DJs: Haeem, Krime, Pedro Gonzales, A dUb

as well as vocalists:

-Vishenka /Poland-Bielorussia
-Ricky Lion /Congo
-Manushka /Poland
-Nick Sinckler /USA
-Czar Absolute /USA