A dancer, choreographer and model who comes from Tunisia.
He has been dancing latino, samba, salsa, modern dance, musical dance and revue, American tap dance and Irish dances since 2000.
He is a fitness and aerobics instructior. Acting skills enables him to perform in series.

He was born on 17 September 1983.

Youssef has already perfomed in:

- episodes of "Doda's" (Polish singer) video clips - "Nie daj się" (Don't give in) and "Rany" (Wounds)
- "Expo 2008" - main role in a movie about Poland at "Expo 2008" in Spain (June 2008)
- episode as dance teacher in TVP series "Londyńczycy" (Londoners)
- episode as a dancer in series "Teraz albo nigdy" (Now or never) (February - May 2008)
- he has been creating performance "Wieczór Latynoski" (Latino Evening) together with "Afro Carnaval" band since January 2008 in "Buffo" Studio - director Janusz Józefowicz
- concert tour with "Ingrid" (May 2008)
- MTV - "Penetrator" - main role
- "Hity na czasie" TVP 2  - (choreography of band "Baracuda" performance)
- numerous shows with dance band "Danca Brasil" including shows for TV like "Gwiazdy tańczą na lodzie", "Przebojowa Noc" TVP 1, directed by J. Józefowiecz and others.
- show "Big Star" in "Foksal 19" club in Warsaw (December 2007), also responsible for choreography
- "Play" - episode as a marathon runner

Youssef is a fluent speaker of Arabic and French, he can speak Italian very well, English well and he is learning Polish.