A Welsh living in Poland since 1976. As he explains, it is Poland where he found his place on Earth and started composing.
He began his music career in 1977 when together with Kora and Marek Jackowski they created a trio named Manaam - Elektryczny Prysznic (Manaam - Electric Shower). John mainly played guitar but also did supporting vocals for Kora. He left the group in 1979 and created Porter Band with Alki Mrożek, Kazimierz Cwynar and Leszek Chalimoniuk. They performed mainly new rock and recorded a legendary albim 'Helicopters'.
He later played also jazz and acoustic music, being involved in various music projects.

With one of best known Polish singers, Anita Lipnicka, he realised their first album 'Nieprzyzwoite piosenki' i (Indecent Songs) in 2002. The album turned to be great success and was followed by another albums with songs created by the duo.

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