He was born on Bielovo, in Siberia. He has lived in Poland since 1992. He is a film and theatre actor as well as a musician. Evgen was brought up in a family of music traditions and graduated from an art school with a degree as a concert orchestra conductor. He has participated in various music projects as a bass guitarist both in Poland and Russia. He cooperated with Hippocampus rock group (1994-2000), Zdobywcy Pewnych Oskarów group (1997-2001) and Sapo music project developed by Krzysztof Wałecki (2002-2003). He also collaborated with a Canadian blues guitarist and singer of a Polish descent - Lester Kidson.

The solo project by Evgen, under the name 'Siberian bard invites', has been realised since September 2004 and involves songs by Vladimir Vysockij, Alexandr Rozenbaum and Bulat Okudzhava. Songs are performed in Russian and comments and didascalia are given in Polish creating an integral element of any concert.

His repertoire involves humorous, satiric, sentimental and nostalgic songs but also load of emotions and dramatic ones. On the other hand, there can be found songs consisting elements of street folklore.

The charisma of the singer creates a great atmosphere during any concert and the artist stays with a close contact with his audience.

The first solo album to date, 'Prolog' (Prologue), was released in October 2006 under the media patronage of Russian Section of The Polish Radio Polonia. The album begins with a folk, touching song 'Do mamy' (To mama) with comments given by the artist. The album consists of 19 songs and all of them are arranged and performed by Evgen (guitar and vocal).

Among the films ha had parts are: 'Ekstradycja', 'Miasto prywatne', 'Na koniec świata', 'Boża podszewka', 'Na dobre i na złe', 'Szczur', 'Quo vadis'.

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