He was born in 1956 on exile in Kazakhstan. He is an artist, specialist in cultural studies, Nakh languages and cultures of the nations of Caucasus region. He was the head of National Museum in Chechnya which was destroyed in 1994 at the beginning of the Russian intervention. He has lived in Poland since 2000.
He is a co-founder of Institute for Culture of Caucasus Nations (Instytut Kultury Narodów Kaukazu) association as well is involved in organising many cultural events related to Czeczen and Caucasus matters such as exhibitions, concerts, lectures. He is also a poet and co-author of translations of Czeczen poetry into Polish language as well as deals with graphics and water-colour.

Issa Adger-Adajew is the author of the book 'Kamienie mówią' (Stones can speak).