Lithuanian Artists' Company (Lietuvos Dailininkų Kompanija, LDK) was established at the beginning of 2007. The idea of creating such an association of artists was given by Linas Domarackas. The Company gathres young Lithuanian artists or artists having Lithuanian roots. LDK is created by five artists:
  • Alicja Bogacka - ceramics (Toruń)
  • Alicja Zimnicka - painting, batik (Warsaw)
  • Linas Domarackas - painting, graphics (Warsaw)
  • Rytis Konstantinavicius - sculpture, ceramics (Wrocław)
  • Jonas Zagorskas - painting, video-art (Warsaw)
  • With the group also cooperates Artur Krechowski (Sowie Góry)

contact details:
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LDK cooperates e.g. with Teatr Wytwórnia.