A dancer and a choreographer, the founder of the first in Poland revue of Arabian dance.


She was born in Syria, in a little town Idlib, next to Aleppo. She started attending dance classes still living in Syria and next continued dancing in Libya where had been living until 1995. In Libya she trained the style connecting both Egyptian and Moroccan dances. She had her first public show at the age of 17. In 1996 Jasmin came to Poland where she promotes Arabian dance and culture in general.

She has been performing since in Poland 1999. The artist leads both a few day courses and permanent classes and during at least a two year course the students train not only the technique but also their femininity.

Each girl has her dress saw and also is taught the Arabian and scenic make-up. The most talented dancers perform at the Oriental Revue.

Jasmin is also the author of the choreography to the play Tajemnica Księżniczki (The Mystery of the Princess) which was the first play using the Arabian belly dance in Poland (the premiere took place on 3rd June 2005).


Her most important achievements:

  • Projekt Arabski Pępek (Arabian Navel Project)
  • Ostatnia Noc Szeherezady (Scheherazade's Last Night Project)


She participated in Multicultural Warsaw Week in 2002 and 2003, The Day of Refugees in 2001-2004 and also in Festivals of Arabian culture in Słupsk and Toruń.