Who she is?

A singer and a visionary. The women of eyes like two black ponds. The eyes that can see mysteries of the future.

Who is Aida? She calls herself an average women. However, a very talented one. An Armenian living in Warsaw. She writes lyrics, composes music and sings. Before she started performing she had been well known for her foreseeing the future and it seems everyone must have heard about Aida who makes a straight thread from all the knots tangled up.

Where did she come from?

She was born in a beautiful town, Batumi. She is a zodiacal Capricorn, the oasis of the calmness and composure though none of a person with no imagination. Because to sing and write music one needs to have a sensitive soul and the imagination. Being very talented, she attended the school in Batumi where she passed her mature exam as well as attending the music school and training the artistic gymnastics. While looking at her it may be hard to believe that such a sensitive person has graduated in economics in Kiev. It was also during the studies when she met her husband, Adam. Moreover, he had been foreseen by Aida's grandmother, Anna. He had been to come from the West and so he did. Aida moved with her husband to Poland. First to Lublin, where was born their daughter Alicja, in 1994, and later to Warsaw, in 2002.


Aida the visionary

She inherited the ability to go into a person's fate and foresee the future from her great-grandmother, Sophia, and two her grandmothers, Anna and Margo. Even being 4 she amazed all of her family and neighbours foreseeing their future and saying in a loud voice their most hidden secrets. She was soon known in Batumi as an unusually gifted child.

However, after moving to Poland she preferred to keep her skills hidden to be able to lead a normal life. But, is it possible to pass a friend or a neighbour indifferently if it is felt they suffer something or they are in danger and the danger is to be avoided with some help? It was the reason why Aida decided to advise people first in her flat and later in a rented office. Soon after this she became well known for her gift and her office became visited by thousands of people. Media were also interested in. Aida took it as a sign and started to work as a visionary. Now one needs to wait a few months to be able to visit her.


Aida the singer

Music has accompanied her since ever. When Aida was a little girl she wrote poetry and sang. Meeting Katarzyna Gaertner in 1999 turned out to be the crucial moment in her career as a singer. Two weeks after the meeting Aida recorded her first song 'Za tobą szalałam' (I was mad about you) in the Studio of Polish Radio. Those were her beginnings as a singer.

Her first solo CD 'Aida' was recorded in 2001 and included mainly Aida's compositions as well as songs based on Georgian and Armenian music leitmotivs.

Her second solo album to date 'Nagie myśli' (Naked Thoughts) was released in 2004 and became a big success.

She performs with musicians from Max Klezmer Band.



Contact details:


  • For concerts please call: 602 32 25 16


  • Visits (individual meetings) please call: (22) 826 71 43 on Tuesdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

mobile: 602 35 86 49