Lili Fijałkowska was born in Kiev where she attended the Secondary School of Fine Arts. She graduated from the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts in graphics. She studied under the direction of famous Russian graphic artists, professors A. Gonczarov and W. Lachov. Now she lives and works in Warsaw. She has lived in Poland since 1974.

She is actively involved in many areas of fine arts: she paints, illustrates books, designs graphic logos, calendars and posters. She had worked for publishing companies such as: Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza (Polish Publishing Agency), Książka i Wiedza (Book and Knowledge), Interpress, Kaliope and also for magazine Słowo Żydowskie (Jewish Word). She had cooperated with Desa, the Plastyka Collective and Wzór (Pattern) for many years.

The artist also deals with artistic ceramics and she had been cooperating with Keramos group from Warsaw and with Nie tylko my group (Not Only We) from Wroclaw.

Her works Hebany (Ebonies) won her the award during the 4th Biennale of Polish Ceramics in 1985 in Wałbrzych.

She was honoured with the Chairman of the Plastyka Collective Award for her artistic achievements and the entire artistic work in 1987.

She is a member of Związek Polskich Artystów Plastyków (the Association of Polish Artists and Designers - ZPAP) and her works were shown during various national and international exhibitions. Her works are also owned by private collectors from Poland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the USA, Israel and Canada.

From 1996 to 1999 she was the Coordinator of the Audiovisual Recording Program at Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation.

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1974 - Moscow - Graduate Exhibition
1976 - Warsaw - Youth Circles Exhibition
1979 - Warsaw - Young Artists Presentation
1979 - Warsaw - 14th Exhibition of the Plastyka Collective for Warsaw Region in Zachęta Gallery
1984 - Toruń - Individual Exhibition of Paintings and Ceramics in Desa Gallery

1984 - Ingelheim, Germany - Polish Art Exhibition organized by Desa
1985 - Warsaw - Painting and Graphics Exhibition in Zachęta Gallery
1986 - Warsaw - Post-open Air Exhibition Session Exhibition of Warsaw Region in Dom Artystów Plastyków (The House of Artists)
1987- Warsaw - Individual Exhibition of Painting and Ceramics in Portrait Gallery

1987- Kuwait - Polish Art Exhibition
1996 -
Warsaw - Jewish Artists’ Exhibition in Bejtejnu Gallery

1997 - Cracow - Experience of Heritage Exhibition during 7th Jewish Culture Festival
1998- Philadelphia, the USA - Annual Awards Painting Exhibition
2003 - Reminiscence of Unexisiting World Individual Exhibition in Museum
of Pojezierze Łęczyńsko - Włodawskie
2003 - Ciechocinek - World in Women’s Eyes Eibition during The 3rd Meeting of Cultures of the World

2004 - Leszno - Individual Exhibition in the Museum of Leszno
2004 - Ciechocinek - Individual Exhibition
2004 - Jewish Culture Festival Warszawa Singera


1984 - Düsseldorf, Germany - Polish Ceramics Exhibition
1984 - Bratislava, Slovakia- International Exhibition of Applied Arts
1985 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Art of Ceramic from Poland Exhibition in Holsterbo Gallery
1985 - Prague, Czech Republic - Ceramic Arts Exhibition
1985 - Basel, Switzerland - Polish Ceramics Presentation

1985 - Goeteborg, Sweden - Polish Glass and Ceramics Exhibition
1985 -
Warsaw - Keramos and the Invited Exhibition in Dom Artystów Plastyków (The House of Artists)

1985 - Wałbrzych - 4th Biennale of Polish Ceramics, the award for works Hebany (Ebonies)

1986 - Ceramis and Flowers Exhibition at Wzór Gallery
1986 - Warsaw - Petrified in Fire Exhibition in Dom Artystów Plastyków Gallery
1987- Wałbrzych - 5th Biennale of Polish Ceramics