Soloist of the Polish National Ballet  Born in Tbilisi. She graduated from the Wachtang Czabukiani National School of Ballet in Tbilisi. From 2001 she has danced as a soloist in the Poznań National Theatre Ballet, to return to Tbilisi as a soloist in the local National Ballet. In 2005 - 2008 she danced as a soloist in the National Baltic Opera in Gdańsk. 

Then she moved to the Polish National Ballet , from 2014 dancing as a soloist. On this last stage she danced such parts as: Pas d'action and Gamzatti in "La Bayadere", The Flower Queen in "The Nutcracker", Lady in "Chopin", The Summer Fairy and the Godmother in "Cinderella", three Dryads and the Street Dancer in "Don Kichote", Mrs Capuletti in "Romeo i Juliette", etc.