You no longer have to go to Paris, to feel the ambience of a typical French bistro, with its traditional dishes, good wine and an informal atmosphere. In the Powiśle district, in his restaurant Le Bistro Rozbrat, Alain Budzyk decided to break the stereotype about French cuisine: over the top, expensive and reserved for elites. He invites his guests to taste pork cheeks in red wine or a vanilla dessert called  „iles flottantes” (floating islands). He also  serves a wide variety of wines produced according to traditional recipes, by French wine production enthusiasts in small ecological vineyards.

The initiator and owner of the restaurant on 44 Rozbrat street is Alain Budzyk, a Frenchman of Polish descent, who spent several years working for CANAL+. When he ended his career in the media, he decided to devote himself to his passion - cooking. He gained a chef's and confectioner's diploma, he got into close contact with the wine industry and returned to Poland with a ready idea for a restaurant. He just opened a typical French bistro, where except for the tasty cuisine, the atmosphere and a direct contact with the owner, conversations with the waiters who give advice on the choice of dishes, and finally the mutual relations between the guests, who in time become regular visitors and friends of the restaurant, are the most important things. 
"Bistros which were known in France from the times of Napoleon, Gained a second life thanks to the energy of young chefs in the 90s . New restaurant owners, tired of the increasingly complicated cuisine and a rigid atmosphere of the places, where the race for the Michelin stars became more important than tasty dishes and a nice atmosphere, turned to bistros, which matched the client's needs perfectly and quickly gained great popularity. Today it is exactly those restaurants that offer tasty and not expensive food, good wine, a friendly service and unpretentious atmosphere, create the charm of France" - says Alain Budzyk, the owner of Le Bistro Rozbrat.

Here the clients will have the opportunity to get to know a great choice of traditional French dishes prepared using only fresh ingredients. The menu will be changed depending on the season of the year and the current offer of seasonal produce. In the menu you will find the classics as well as Alain's own recipes. The restaurants invites you to try foie gras, a chopped beef tatar, a sea bass marinated in citrus fruit or chocolate mus. A different dish and the soup of the day is served each day, and conoisseurs can take advantage of the tasting menu. 

Le Bistro Rozbrat
44A Rozbrat street

Contact information:
tel.: (22) 881 78 08
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.