The Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish life in Poland is dedicated to the enrichment of Jewish life in Poland and connecting Jews from all over the world with their Eastern European legacy. Through educational and cultural  programs in Jewish science, tourism, publications, art, and media, The Taube Center strengthens Jewish readership in Poland and spreads the knowledge about Polish Jews around the world, taking from its rich historic heritage.


The Centre organizes several programs dedicated  to Jewish culture such as lectures, workshops, publications, as well as two leading education programs:

Jewish Heritage Tour - trips for individual persons, families and groups from around the world, willing to discover their personal history, investigate a common past and take part in the ongoing reconstruction of Jewish life in Poland. All the tours combine visits to places plof Jewish memory in Poland with visits to places dedicated to culture and Jewish institutions. They also include special sessions and meetings with persons dedicated to monument conservation and with those committed to contemporary Jewish culture in Poland.

Mi Dor Le Dor
 (Hebrew „from generation to generation”) - A pioneering program in Poland promoting  Jewish writing in Poland. It strengthens Jewish identity by building cultural awareness and  through the preparation of participants for the Taube Jewish Heritage Tour program and later taking on important roles in Jewish education, culture and community life. Mi Dor Le Dor graduates work as guides, educators and facilitators in organizations cooperating with the Taube Center.

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Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland 

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