In the very heart of Warsaw, on Marszałkowska street, the Laflaf restaurant stands.    LafLaf presents a rich menu, composed of the specialities of the Israeli and Middle - Eastern cuisine. Here classics such as the hummus and falafel meet new inventions such as the shakshuka (Israeli omelette in tomato sauce) and fried eggplant. A culinary heaven for everyone, especially vegans (the restaurant is a 100 % vegan). 

LafLaf also holds a shop with products imported straight from Israel, where you can buy the famous "Maccabee" beer, Turkish coffee "Elite", halva and more. 

LafLaf - Restauracja IzraelskaIsraeli Restaurant
68/70 Marszałkowska street
tel: 530361646
Facebook: LafLaf

Author: Daniel Slomka