The bookstore at Tłomackie is a new edition of a bookstore, operating for many years in the building of the Jewish Historical Institute. Emanuel Ringelblum in Warsaw, which specializes in the sale of books on the subject matter of the Jews. Created by architects Casper and John Gronkiewicz, the interior design has many elements whose perception requires a good deal of varsavian sensitivity and knowledge of the pre-war landscape surrounding the Main Judaic Library. That does not mean that it is a bookstore only for the initiated ones! You can easily rummage among the wide range of publications on Jewish subjects and choose something for yourself, or even you can view books in the corner of compelling called wait & reading room (poczytelnia), you can meet on the mezzanine with friends or speak with the staff of our Institute.

Opening hours: Sunday - Friday 10.00 -18.00

Bookstore at Tlomackie, the Jewish Historical Institute
3/5 Tłomackie Street