In Czibateli, a place of beautiful ideas, David Pataraia often paints his pictures till late night hours.
The name Czibateli comes from Chibati, a village where the painter was born. The room entraptures from the entrance - the walls are covered with David's pictures and in the middle we can see a shelf with paints and pictures which are not finished.

Furniture like a sofa, an easel or an old clock make the impression of being strewn around, however we can feel that these are not randomly chosen places. Despite many things in the studio we can feel that there is harmony and cohesion.

David's studio is opened in the evening - from 6 pm until midnight - we can come and admire his works.

David Pataraia's „Czibateli” studio
27/31 Ząbkowska Street
hall 24, ground floor
Collection vernissage
Opening hours: 6.00 pm - 00.00 am