The Orthodox cemetery at ul. Wolska is the only necropolis in Warsaw which was primarily designed for burials for Orthodox people. Today also Catholics can be buried there.

The cemetery was set in 1834 as a result of Tsar's ukase. Its area is 13.3 ha. Because many burial files are missing it is impossible to state exactly how many people were buried there. Currently, there are 101 quarters.

At first the cemetery was divided into four parts and the part in which one was buried depended on one's social status, however, already in 1850 the premises were not enough and they were continuously expanded by buying out neighbouring plots.

The cemetery hosts currently several hundreds of sepulchral monuments of significant artistic value and two statues dedicated to Ukrainian soldiers. There is also a memorial stone dedicated to murdered citizens of Wola and the monument for the victims of Terror-Famine in Ukraine.

Cmentarz Prawosławny na Woli (Orthodox Cemetery in Wola)
ul. Wolska 138/140