It is a charming and cosy place with a Russian soul on Praga. You can try here traditional Russian pelmieni and drink tea from a samovar with the addition of home-made preserves. Many events connected with Russsian culture, such as evening parties, meet the author sessions etc., are organized.  Skamiejka is situated at the corner of Ząbkoska and Nieporęcka streets, on Praga. In a small interior, there are a few tables around which there are dolls in flowery skirts, samovars, pictures. The menu is writen in Cyrillic on the desk. 

Skamiejka is worth-visiting. The restaurant is run by Tamara Rochmińska, who cares about the clients. It is strongly recommended to try nor only food, but also the alcohols. Pelmeni, dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin dough, are a must for everyone who is visitong Skamiejska. In the background there is music from vinyl records.

37 Ząbkowska Street
Tel.: +48 608 623 653