Dżonka is a small, family resturant in the centre of Warsaw. It offers delicacies from Asia.  The history of Dżonka dates back to 20th century. It all started in China. The hero of the story is a twelve-year-old boy Lu-Jua, who, after his father's death, starts the journey to Europe together with his uncle. He settles down in Poland. After some years, he meets his wife in Lithuania and they eventually decide to live in Wasaw, where he is offered to run a restaurant. 

Today, after 20 years sine opening the restaurant, the owner is 
Aisha Ou-Pokrzewińska (third generation living in Poland).

In a cosy interior you can taste Asian cuisine. 

54 Hoża Street
Working hours:
Mon - Fri 11-19
Sat - Sun 12-18