Russian Bath/Russka Bania is an extraordinary way of spending your free time adorned with the eastern rituals, during which you may experience the relaxation worthy of the Russian Tsars. The use of Russka Bania brings priceless benefits for your organism:

- makes you feel better and lets you relax
- gives an immense boost of energy and allows for quick regeneration
- reduces the feeling of tiredness
- improves concentration and makes you more immune to stress
- improves the work of your circulatory and respiratory systems
- eliminates the muscle and joint pains
- strengthens immunity
- helps to eliminate toxins from your organism and helps in the weight loss

Massages with birch or oak switches rich in essential and volatile oils have strong bactericidal effect, improve metabolism and prevent the premature skin aging.

Moreover, we give at your disposal a comfortably furnished relaxation room with comfy deckchairs and a room with sofas an TV.
After the bath, you may use our relaxing, cleaning and nourishing, aromatic body treatments.
The body treatments used after the bath bring measurable outcomes. That is because hot and cleaned skin perfectly absorbs the minerals and active ingredients found in the cosmetics.

Your thisrt will be quenched by a cup of hot, herbal tea, kvass, or birch juice.

It is not recommended to use the bath if you suffer from the circulatory system diseases (hypertension, coronary artery deisease), if you have fragile blood vessels prone to cracking, if you suffer from the inflammation of the skin or chronic diseases (diabetes, epilepsy, cancer).

Russka Bania
Nowowiejska St. 37b 
entrance to the underground garrage from the Trybunalska St.

Rezervations: tel. 728 200 120