Do you feel like drinking an unusual tea coming from Taiwan? Pop into Bubble Tea 7 and see how can the tea look like.

At Bubble Tea 7 apart from classic variants (a choice of 20 various flavours), you can also get popular in Europe and United Stated Bubble Milkshakes, or drinks on the basis of yoghurt (without tea). Classic bubble tea is a drink on the basis of healthy teas, green or black, which occur in two variants: fruit (with fruit syrup) or milk.

Toppings in bubble tea are essential. Originally, the name "bubble" referred to a layer of froth which appears after shaking the drink. Nowadays, it refers to the topping. At Bubble Tea 7 there are four categories of toppings in its offer:
Until recently it offers extremely popular in Hong Kong drinks on the basis of coffee with tapioca balls! 

Tapioca balls - the most classic topping to bubble tea with a consistency of jellies. It's made from sweet potatoes, manioc and brown sugar;

Boba balls - balls with a fruit juice which burst in mouth, available in six fruit flavours;

Nata de Coco - coconut jelly

Jellies of various flavours made from coconut pulp (without gelatine);

Somewhat unlimited pool of possibilities to compose your own drink is the undelying cause of Bubble Tea success. You can mix tea flavours, add toppings, and get a bit different drink every time.

Apart from unlimited combinations of flavours, at Bubble Tea 7 the quality is also important. 
Bubble Tea 7:
4 Chmielna Street
83 Marszałkowska Street

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday : 8 am - 11.30 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9 am - 11.20 pm

Contact details and more information:
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