Asian House is a Warsaw chain of shops of Tegrol enterprise that offers a wide choice of oriental specialities. Rong Vang restaurant, located on Okopowa St. 23 in Warsaw, specializes in Vietnamese cuisine and Thai dishes. From the very beginning the restaurant has been run by qualified Vietnamese chefs, that guarantees the dishes are absolutely delicious. 
Meanwhile, in the four Asian House shops one may find:

        - oriental specialties delivered directly from the Seafood Poland wholesale which guarantees competitive prices and high quality,
among other things - seafood, rice, pasta, flour, vegetables and fruit, teas, spices, tropical fruit beverages, tropical fruit in syrup;

         - Vietnamese dishes and the most popular Thai dishes made by the chefs of the renowned Rong Vang restaurant;

Asian House Shops:
C.H Blue City
Al. Jerozolimskie 179
tel. 22 311 71 10

C.H Galeria Mokotów
Wołoska St.12
tel. 22 541 34 34

Piękna St. 52 (entrance fromPoznańska St. 1)
tel. 22 628 5774

Okopowa St. 29 B
tel. 22 632 99 29