An artistic installation designed for Israeli writer - Etgar Keret, whose family comes from Warsaw. The house fits into the crack between the appartment building on 22 Chłodna Street and the pre-war tenement on 74 Żelazna Street. It is14m2, an the widest point it measures 122 centimeters and at the narrowest - 72. It is the narrowest house in the world.   The installation is an artistic initiative of the architect - Jakub Szczęsny, who named the structure after Israeli writer Etgar Keret, whose family cames from Warsaw. The writer's mother was born near to the intersection of Chłodna and Żelazna Streets and the father survived the war by hiding in a Polish village in the storeroom under the floor (on the space even smaller than the intallation). Keret House serves as a studio for the artists who come to Warsaw. The interior can be visited during the open days. 

Keret House
22 Chłodna Street/ 74 Żelazna Street