The fragments of Warsaw Ghetto walls preserved until today can be found in the tenement house backyards at ul. Sienna 55, Złota 62 and Waliców 11.

The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. is in possession of a copy of the Warsaw Ghetto wall from the backyard at ul. Sienna 55. In order to do this, two bricks were taken out of this wall and transported to Washington. Similarly, bricks were also taken out of the wall fragment located at ul. Złota 62, one of them being transported to the Holocaust History Museum in Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and to the museum in Houston. The fragment of walls is also preserved at ul. Waliców 11.

Thanks to the efforts of Mieczysław Jędruszczak the wall fragments were inscribed on the list of monuments in 1989.

In 2008 special signs indicating the borders of Warsaw Ghetto were placed in several dozen places of Warsaw. Some of them are accompanied by tablets “ Mur getta/Ghetto wall 1940-1943” melted to roads and sidewalks.

Fragmenty muru Getta Warszawskiego (Fragments of Warsaw Ghetto Walls)
ul. Sienna 55
ul. Złota 62
ul. Waliców 11