'Fenicja' is a chain of Lebanese restaurants. They are located in three various districts of Warsaw: in the city centre at Świętokrzyska 32 Street - opposite the Palace of Culture and Science, on Saska Kępa near Rondo Waszyngtona - at Francuska 41 and 31, and on Ursynów - near the St. Thomas Church - at Dereniowa 10d Street.

'Fenicja' sepcializes in serving the best Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine. In the menu you can find a wide range of vegetarian and meat dishes, also as take away. You can order vegetarian paste for the starter, vegetarian as well as meat salad for the main course. There are Lebanese pizzas and dishes from the Iberian Peninsula.

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ul. Świętokrzyska 32 
tel.: 510 759 795

ul. Racjonalizacji 7
tel.: 574 258 909

ul. Francuska 31 
Phone: 501 072 666

ul. Francuska 41
Phone: 501 072 666

ul. Dereniowa 10d
Phone: 501 694 840