The restaurant's name in English - "Kiss of an Angel" definitely render the character of its interior. At the moment of entering the restaurant you feel the unigue and heavenly atmosphere. The place is located in a kind of stony cave but at the same time it's extemely warm and gentle. 

Bacio di Angelo isn’t only a place where you can taste delicious dishes but also to have a rest, get away from the cares of daily life – the hustle and bustle of city life doesn’t reach our restaurant. Four rooms, separate for smokers and non-smokers, differ in elements of decor and accessories. Our customers can have a rest in extremely atmospheric room; they can choose a room in a style of a stony cave with decorative golden mica, or more cheerful place where a beautiful tiled stove can be found.

A special room surrounded by mirrors is prepared for those who need intimacy, and what’s more, it can be closed in order to cut off from others. The room has a capacity of 10 people and the entire place is prepared for 80 people. Our restaurant is air-conditioned and designed to ensure comfort for our customers regardless of the weather.


“Our workers are noted for their eloquence,  manners, individual approach to every person and passion for preparing and serving exceptional dishes and drinks which are our unquestionable specialty. Being in such a magical place like Bacio di Angelo is also a pleasure for workers, so you can be sure that the service is professional and cares about the appropriate atmosphere.” 

Bacio di Angelo
43 Wilcza Street

Tel.: (22) 626 83 03, 622 45 54
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