Pekin Restaurant has been working since 1993. 
Our main goal is to introduce Chinese culture. Our customers don't need to go to China to feel the atmoshpere of the country and taste dishes of real Chinese cuisine.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in running a restaurant and first-class qualified chefs, we prepared a rich menu which inludes the most famous dishes from different types of Chinese cuisine, for example:

Beijing cuisine: Beijing roast duck, shredded pork with Beijing sauce, dumplings, etc.

Sichuan cuisine: dry-fried pork, family fish feast, pork with garlic sauce, crispy duck, Mapo Tofu, etc.

Manchurian cuisine: pork loin (veal, beef, poultry) with orange sauce, red-stewed carp with soy sauce, eggplant with garlic, etc.

Huaiyang cuisine: duck on a hot plate, green cabbage with Mushrooms Mu, Shanghai shrimp, Shanghai Tofu with vegetables, etc.

Cantonese cuisine: steamed halibut, Cantonese carp, sweet & sour pork or veal, etc.

We care about original interior by using materials imported from China: traditional bricks, wall lamps,ceramic roofs and stylish furniture and porcelain. We combine the architecture with traditional Chinese music in order to help our customers to turn their thoughts to antique Chinese houses. 

Our restaurant accomodate the offer to the needs of our customers, we prepare dishes for special order during occasional events, such as business parties, banquets birthdays,wedding receptions, etc.

Restauracja Pekin
ul. Senatorska 27

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