Kamanda Lwowska is located in old prewar tenament on 10 Foksal Street. We wish that the place, special for us, will become such for our guests. While creating the restaurant we wanted to bring back the atmosphere of old Lviv, and to revive the tradition of feasts, passion to cooking and family gatherings.
Piwna Kamanda Lwowska means mainly excellent cuisine based on well-tried recipies. In the menu you can find Galician delicacies in accordance with recipies from 120 years ago - among them there are such titbits like Tartar meat, Hutsul cauldeon and buckwheat blinis. We are still looking for new tastes. Undeniable interesting thing is open kitchen - because cooking is an art for us.

The specialities of our restaurant are fruit liqueurs which we make ourselves. Nowhere else lemon fruit liqueur isn't so lemon.

In our place you can escape from the hustle and bustle for a while, talk and meet with people, or enjoy your meal as in old, good days.

Kamanda Lwowska

10 Foksal Street
00-366 Warszawa

22 828 10 31
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Open: 12.00 pm. - 00.00 am.