Steps4Salsa Dance Studio is a school with long-term exeprience, opened in 2003. It offers, besides hot salsa (solo and in pairs), courses on samba brasil, reggaeton, oriental belly dance, ballroom dancing (including courses for the newlyweds), modern dance, fitness, zumba, as well as numerous workshops and events. Steps4Salsa is an atmospheric dance studio with crystal chandeliers, charming cushions lying on the wide windowsills and professional dance halls with big mirrors and fully equiped sanitary facilities. It's a perfect setting for any undertaking.

The school offers much more that just dance classes and workshops. The broad offer addressed to companies and individual clients includes: the artistic setting of various events, bachelorette parties and dance shows, among others.

Studio Tańca Steps4Salsa
ul. Sienkiewicza 4/2
00-015 Warszawa

Tel. komórkowy: 
663 331 700

Tel. do menagera: 
695 920 383

Tel. stacjonarny:
22 127 65 68
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