The school (in Polish: Szkoła Wachlarzy) offers a special programme of teaching dance with martial arts fans which was formulated and adapted by Julia Bui-Ngoc and Katarzyna Stefanowicz. Among the elements the dance consists of are: kung fu wu shu, tai chi chuan, modern dance and improvisations what is the way of expressing a fusion of two cultures - of East and West.
The choreographies with martial arts fans were presented both in Poland and abroad - among the event could be mentioned Nocy Muzeów (Night of Museums) in Warsaw, at Festival of European Commision and Tour et Taxi in Brussel, at Golden Lion Festival in Lviv. Besides, it was used in a music video to one of the songs performed by Justyna Steczkowska, in the feature film 'Tamagouchi' directed by Marcin Wrona and in plays of OPT Gardzienice directed by Włodzimierz Staniewski.

The classes help to develop movement skills and body coordination and also shape a general flexibility of the body. Apart from being a physical exercise, they are a great way to find a personal expression in dance and improvisation.