Café Baobab is probably the first place in Poland where authentic Senegalese cuisine can be tasted. The owner of the cafe is Aziz Seck and the chef - Mamadou M'bengue who prepares acras de niébés - doughnuts of beans, boulettes de poisson (fish balls), dumplings with fragrant fish filling, soups of the day (e.g. sweet potatos soup) and main courses.

Among dishes of the day there can be found yassa poulet which is a ragout of chicken with onion and olives. As light meals, perfect e.g. in the morning (Baobab is open from 8 a.m.), can be mentioned milkshakes of mango and pineapple, sandwitches and French croissants.

Senegalese drinks such as bissap (made of hibiscus with vanilla) or extremely refreshing ginger water are worth trying especially during hot days.
Café Baobab
31 Francuska St
Contact details:
tel. (22) 617 40 57
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