Salsa Libre is not only a dance school though its main activities involve organizing dance classes, mainly in salsa - for teenagers, adults as well as kids.
Salsa Libre was founded in 2003 by Anna Chagowska and Marek Domański. Salsa Libre gathers dance lovers especially people passionate about salsa which is treated not only as a dance but also in a wide culture context: on the one hand it is a modern form of expressing oneself and spending your leisure time in clubs and during parties but on the other hand, as every dance, salsa has its history which can be easily found in the dance.
Apart from salsa, Salsa Libre offers classes in club dances as well as ethnic ones, often of African roots: funky, hip hop, jazz, samba, tango, afro, belly dance, capoeira, modern dance, etc.

Salsa Libre also organizes events which aim is to promote culture of Spanish-language countries and Spanish language itself. One of the most important achievements in this field was 1st International Salsa Festival in Warsaw in 2005.

Contact details:
+48 22 458 24 44
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ul. Przasnyska 6