Bukkoin is a zendo in the tradition of Soto Zen, acting within the Buddhist Mission in Poland. The resort has regular practice. In the weekdays the practice takes place on Mondays and Thursdays from 18.30 to 21.00 (zazen, sutra, teachings). It is regularly held the weekend sesshin.  

Doko Bukała - priest and teacher of Soto Zen.

He has been practicing Zen Buddhism since 1985. For the first several years he mainly practiced in the Rinzai Zen tradition. In 2005 he began the practice in the temple of Antaiji, where in 2006 he was ordained Soto Zen. In 2007-2010, he took part in a priestly training in the Myokoji monastery. In 2012 he received shiho (dharma transmission) from Tom Wright’s Roshi Daitsu. In January 2013 he took zuise.


Zuise is the ceremony of Japanese Soto Zen school, which takes place in Eiheiji and Sojiji - the major monasteries of the school.

It has several functions:

  1. Formal confirmation of dharma transmission (shiho) by the school soto.
  2. Giving the status of osho, meaning fully ordained priest. Only being osho you can conduct most of the ceremony, for example, give indications.
  3. This is an opportunity to express the gratitude to the founders of the school soto, during a special ceremony in the temple, where the ashes of the most important abbots are. For most priests, this is the only chance in life to be in this place, which is not normally available.
Anus zuise is necessary to obtain the status of an official Soto Zen teacher. The Dharma transmission (shiho), as it is commonly understood, does not authorize yet to perform the role of the teacher in this school. After receiving shiho, you must obtain permission to change clothes (tene), held zuise, and previously held several years of ango practice, in a special Senmon sodium monastery. Only after all these steps, it is possible to obtain a certificate soto school’s teacher.
Every year on December 31st from 18.00 to 24.00 New Year’s training takes place - zazen, sutra and 108 strokes of the bell ceremony,
Temple of the Buddha's Light
Puławska Street 234/13, Warsaw (open only in the hours of practice)
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