Orthodox Pastoral Point St. Martyr Archimandrite Gregory in Warsaw is the establishment of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church serving as parish. It is included in the Warsaw deanery of the Diocese of Warsaw-Bielsko.
Holy Martyr Gregory (Peradze) has been appointed as the patron of the Orthodox Pastoral Point at the time the Point came into being, in 2006. Patron from the beginning seemed to be a person very close to young people gathered around the point - as many of them was a young scientist, passionate about his work, strongly associated with the Orthodox Church. He lived in Warsaw, walked the same paths and riding the same tram. He is a Polish-Georgian, contemporary saints - all this is made him the patron of the parish.

Devotions are held regularly - every Saturday and Sunday, the great feast, in Lent and the Easter period.
The liturgy is celebrated in the chapel in the Polish language.
The priests are: dr. Henryk Paprocki and dr. Arthur Aleksiejuk
Orthodox Pastoral Point is subject to the Orthodox parish of St. Mary Magdalene in Warsaw

Martyr Archimandrite Gregory's Chapel.  in Warsaw
Lelechowska Street 5, at the Museum of Icons