Powsinianie Ethnographic Studio consists of native inhabitants of Powsin who cultivate traditions of their small Homeland.
The ethnographic studio was established in 2006 in an old vicarage which was supposed to be demolished - now it is a House of Creative Work in Powsin (Dom Pracy Twórczej w Powsinie), which is a part of Culture Centre of Wilanów (Centrum Kultury Wilanów). Almost 40 people meet there cyclically in order to take care of their regional identity.
Within the Studio a singing band "Powsinianie" is working with Mr Grzegorz Toporoski as an art director.
The band sings songs taken from the old Powsin folk songs.

tel. 22 894 43 69

Dom Pracy Twórczej 
3 Ptysiowa St.