The aim of the Community is to unite the Somalis who live in Poland temporarily or who are Polish residents, as well as to uphold their culture, tradition and customs. The Community's aims:
  • To unite the Somalis who live in Poland temporarily or are Polish residents, in order to uphold their culture, traditions, customs, the Somali language and mutual help.
  • To bring Polish and Somali culture and tradition closer to each other.
  • To develop the cultural relations between Poland and Somalia.
  • To help with translating.
  • To help the Somalis to get access to free legal aid and information about legal regulations in Poland.
  • To support the integration of the Somalis in the cultural and socio-economical field.
  • To cooperate with public, government and local administration authorities in order to implement the Somali aid rules which are specified in the international legal acts.
  • To help the Somalis to find workplaces on the Polish labour market.
  • To inform the Somalis who want to reside in Poland about all the cultural, legal, economic, humanitarian and diplomatic aspects.
Although it is not easy, the Community is constantly working to help the Somalis in Poland and to bring their culture to the Poles.

The biggest difficulties with which the Somalis have to deal are the educational problems. Unfortunately, the Somali documents which certify their level of education are not recognised in Poland. Another problem is that some of these people are not educated.

Yet another obstacle has to do with flats. The people who decided to stay in Poland have no possibility to rent a flat as it is simply too expensive for them.

The Somali must also cope with the language barrier. It makes it very difficult to handle important matters in offices, which results in their exclusion from the social life. In this way a vicious circle is created, which is very difficult to fight. 

However, if there is some good will and cooperation, we can really make a change.

Elmi Abdi - The Chairman of the Somali Community in Poland
E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel: 510 566 186
Mohamed Garwin - Vice Chairman of  the Somali Community in Poland
tel: 510 311 618

Stowarzyszenie Somalijskie w RP // Somali Community in Poland
Al. Jerozolimskie 51 m. 3A