The Vivaswan Foundation was founded in July 2011, in Warsaw. The founders aimed at promoting the elements of the Indian civilisation which serve the human values: truth - good - beauty. The Foundation is active in India and in Poland. - The Foundation carries out research and publication work in the field of human and natural Indian sciences (philosophy, literature, history, arts, religion, Yoga, Ayurveda, etc.);  
- teaches and promotes learning of Indian languages (Hindi, Sanskrit);

- brings the Indian culture and art closer by organizing and co-organizing concerts, theatre spectacles etc. for Indian artists; 
- assists in promotion of revised knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda; 
- organizes educational cultural programs in India;
- intensifies the mutual understanding and respect between the Poles and the Indians in many different ways.   

The Visawan Foundation bases its activity on the common cultural values of the Europeans and the Indians. It endeavours to bring the both civilisations closer to each other with its projects. It takes care of an honest and reliable message, as well as of an ethical approach to the people who are interested in the Foundation's ativity.