My Baobab Foundation is an initiative of volunteers who have professional experience of at leat one year in charity work in Africal countries (Madagascar, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda). They have been working mainly with poor children and youth, teaching in schools, running community day centres and helping to administer boarding schools. Thanks to their direct contact to the schoolchildren and students, they got to know the everyday problems of African young poeple and their families. 
The Foundation aims at developing social initiatives and social awareness, as well supporting Madagascar and other African countries by:
  • Financial and methodological help in the field of education, mainly by granting scholarships
  • Encouraging the social activity and helping in the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences between Africa and Europe
  • Supporting the intercultural dialogue
  • Supporting the economical development of Madagascar and other African countries
  • Taking initiatives to protect the African environment
  • Promoting the African countries in the field of culture, tourism and trade in Poland and other Europen countries
  • Fighting stereotypes and racial prejudice
  • Protecting and promoting health on the African continent
  • Organising help for victims of disasters and engaging in charity work.
The Foundation started with a scholarship project because it sees its greatest potential in education. It is also one of the most neglected area of life in Africa. Our ideais, however, to work in many different aspects and in this way helping in the development of the African continent.

Chairwoman - Małgorzata Przepiórka: +48 660 483 656
Secretary - Adam Dziadak: +48 513 236 632 

Fundacja My Baobab
ul. Braci Załuskich 3 m. 68
01-773 Warszawa
Tel/fax: +48 (22) 409 87 48
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