Oye! is the only Warsaw school of dance which specialises in Cuban salsa. It originated from the passion and engagement, not only of the founders, but also of the students and the friends. It is not only a training room, but also a place to meet people who share the same passion and who want to get to know the hot island Cuba better.

The Oye school holds courses on: Cuban salsa - casino (in pairs), rueda de casino (in pairs), Cuban rumba, son (in pairs) - a traditional Cuban dance, salsa suelta y despelote (solo) - a Cuban salsa (casino) danced solo, reggaeton (solo) - a dance which combines elements of street styles, reggaeton para chicas (solo) - a version for women only, and other untypical dances originating from the Afro-Cuban culture.

Szkoła Oye
ul. Kłopotowskiego 5  
(The corner of Kłopotowskiego and Panieńska streets),