Setanta – Academy of irish dance is one of the biggest Irish dance schools in Europe. It is connected with the oldest and greatest organisation of irish dancers - The Irish Dance Commission (An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha). The school functions in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania and Poland. It trains dancers on all levels of proficiency, including European Champions who dance on a global level. Every year Anne-Marie Cunningham Dance Academy organises a summer dance camp in Salzburg, where the dancers get the chance to cooperate with instructors from other schools.

The Warsaw branch was formed from the ISTA school, which was established by Marta Sikora. Since 2003, ISTA had held regular courses on Irish dance in Warsaw under the tutelage of the first certified teacher in Poland - Marta Sikora, and later also Anna Tillak
ISTA Warsaw collaborated with Mary McElroy - an experienced teacher, juror and a member of An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha - the international Irish dancing organisation based in Dublin. Among the additional possibilities that the school gives is the opportunity to participate in exams - the so-called dance degrees, workshops with titled teachers and trips to international competitions.
CEILI, traditional Irish dance parties, were organised at least once a year. They provide opportunities to use the skills learned in the classroom practically. In 2009, the school started to collaborate with Anne-Marie Cunningham, a dancer of the Riverdance dance show and a certified teacher of Irish dance, and with Kevin McCormack - a dancer from the first team of the Riverdance show, a qualified teacher and a juror and a 10-time world champion.

The greatest achievement of the school is the European Championship, won many times by Adrianna Suwald and Maria Nowak. In the courses, which are led by instructors previously associated with ISTA - Małgorzata Greś, Maria Nowak and Adrianna Suwald,  special emphasis is placed on professionalism and friendly atmosphere. 
The school offers regular dance classes, workshops, ceili events and dance shows.


Setanta – Academy of irish dance
Tel:: 691-031-859
Konstruktorska 6, Warszawa