Qigong literally means the work with life energy of a human being - the Qi energy. It involves various practices which facilitate the energy flow within the body, fill the body with Qi, help develop the skill of emiting Qi, influence our physical, energetical and spitirual health positively.
The practices concentrate on the work with the life energy called Jing, its transmutation into Qi, balancing the water and fire Qi according to the individual needs and its distribution within the whole body, the changing of Qi into the spiritual force Shen and working on the experience of the absolute (Tao) using Shen. There are different styles of qigong, soft and hard ones. Some include just particular moves, some constitute whole sets of moves. 
Shaolin Qigong group in Warsaw was established in 2010, when the first seminar on Qigong and Taiji quan with sifu Sławomir Pawłowski took place. 
Since then, we have been organising Qigong seminars monthly and since January 2011 we have been practicing weekly under the guidance of Rafał Becker  -an apprentice of Sławomir Pawłowski.
Sławomir Pawłowski has been practicing Kung Fu continually since he was 14 years old, which has been 32 years now.His interest with martial arts began when he was 14 years old and started practising in the "Stolem" sports club in Gdynia, under the guidance of Jerzy Matusiak. These trainings were similat to the today's Vale Tudo and MMA. Then, Pawłowski practiced also Shotokan karate.
He learnt Shaolin Kung Fu firstly from Huang's Chinese (5 animals style) and he learnt the basics of Shaolin Luohan from Liu Jia Lun.  Years later he learnt in China, also from the monks of the Northern temple of Shaolin Shi De Qiang,  Shi Su Gang (his master and sifu in Shaolin).
He first learned Taiji quan from Li Zhong Shu from Beijin (9 years long), then in Qindao in a course for trainers of 42 moves.
He learnt Qigongu Yi Gin Ging from the monks Shi De Qi ( in Shaolin) and Shi Su Gang (during the latter's stay in Poland, in Bielsko Biała), Shaolin Luohan Zhuang Kung from the ex-monk  Shi De Hong in Shaolin, Luohan Shi Ba Shou from Shi Su Gang. 
His qualifications: Shokotan karate instructor, kung fu instructotr, kung fu referee, kung fu master (Master Class given by the Polish Association of Kung fu/Wushu), san shou instructor, Shaolin Luohan kung fu instructor, given by the International Kung Fu Federation, international Wushu trainer qualifications (which he acquired in CHina in Qindao) and Master of Arts in Physical Education (5 years' studies). He is also entitled to teach Shaolin kung fu by the monks from the Shaolin monastery.
He acquired his authorization to teach Taiji quan from Li Zhong Shu and the Chinese Federation of Wushu, and he acquired the authorization to teach the Southern styles of  Luohan from Master Lin Qing Duan and the Chinese Federation of Wushu from Fuzhou.

Rafał Becker has been training for 23 years now, since he was 15. His kung-fu training began on kung-fu camps organised by Andrzej Braksal in Warsaw. Then he learn Shaolin chang quan according to Master Yang Jwing Ming for 3 years. When he was 18, he met sifu Sławomir Pawłowski, who trained him in 5 animals Shaolin. 
In August 2012 he took part in the journey to the Shaolin Monastery organised by Master Sławomir Pawłowski. Thanks to his efforts, he took part in trainings with Master Shi De Hong, who is a top class expert  of Shaolin Qigong. He learnt the qigong systems under his guidance: Shaolin Ba Duan Jin, Shaolin Yi Jin Jing, the introductory practices (self-massages) to the Xi Sui Jing system and he continued to learn the Shaolin Luohan Zhuang Kung system.

If you wish to improve your health, want to find some relief and aim to find more energy in yourself, feel welcome!

The Qigong classes with Rafał Becker take place in:
ul. Bracka 18 lok. 70 (Warsaw city centre)
on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays    
Info (price, timetable, adress): http://www.dobrzemitu.pl
ul. Rokosowska 4 (Ochota)
on Wednesdays
Info (price, timetable, adress): http://www.jogarytm.pl/kontakt
Astanga Yoga Studio 
ul. Gałczyńskiego 4 (Warsaw city centre) 
on Tuesdays and Sundays
Info (price, timetable, adress):  http://astanga.pl/
If you wish to join the classes, you can do it at any time. It is advisable to practice in loose clothes, so please bring a tracksuit and sport shoes.

tel. 792 19 73 74
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